COVID-19 Crisis and Education: Digital Learning may be the New Approach!

COVID-19 Crisis and Education: Digital Learning may be the New Approach!

UNESCO Institute for Statistics lately printed a study indicating the way the COVID-19 crisis and also the resultant lockdown have influenced the training sector. Schools within 188 countries are closed to avoid multiplication of the virus, affecting greater than 1.5 billion students together with 63 million school teachers around the world. Even colleges along with other greater education organizations are closed. Numerous examinations happen to be canceled.

But as the saying goes that change is definitely difficult but very crucial for survival. Likewise, the training sector has altered drastically and adopted numerous eLearning methods to carry on.

The COVID-19 world has forced global experimentation on remote teaching methodologies. The present education practices, processes, and models are now being revamped using modern-day technology. Digital learning is just about the necessity of the hour and gaining global importance because of the pandemic situation world-wide. Educational Courses are being conducted remotely by using electronics and also the internet. Here are a few key advantages of eLearning.

•           It is very money and time-efficient, because it cuts lower the necessity to travel and attend classroom training.

•           Students can return to re-learn things in their own pace as well as develop multiple skills.

•           It boosts the retention from the information therefore more efficient

•           The likelihood of distraction through the classmates are lesser.

•           It is really a flexible, consistent and cost-effective way to avoid it.

•           Lastly, online learning is more preferable than ‘no learning.’

•           Easy use of content

•           Personalized learning

eLearning: A Number Of Ways Education has been Imparted Today

To make sure continuity in education for college students around the globe, numerous schools, training institutes, universities, etc. now utilize open-source digital solutions and learning keeper solutions. Advanced mobile-based learning models are now being produced for affordable and effective education. Several strategies are now being planned by government physiques in various countries for performing exams efficiently promptly. Some institutes are using automated online proctoring methods to create online tests in multiple formats like MCQs, aptitude-based questions, essay writing, etc.

To make sure an uninterrupted and interesting chance to learn, these eLearning solutions possess some vital features inside them, the following:

•           Easy Sign-up and Login Facility

•           Text-messaging and Push Notifications

•           Appointment Scheduling for Lectures or Workout Sessions

•           Dashboard to obtain an Overview

•           Social Media Integration and Calendar Integration

•           Efficient, Valuable and Comprehensive Study Material

•           Use of Media Formats like images and videos

•           A Robust Database

•           Interactive Elements for engaging the learners

•           Smaller Bit-sized Modules for Enhanced Receptivity and Learning

•           Audio/Video Streaming and Live Tutorials

•           Tests, Feedback, Quizzes, Remarks, etc. for Progress Look at the scholars

•           Offline Mode

•           Multiple Payment Options

•           Tools for Data Analytics

•           Story-based Explanations, Gamification, etc.

•           Facility to trace Status of Courses, Time Allocated to them, Names from the Carried out Courses, etc.

Some Safeguards to become taken while eLearning

Online learning is viewed to become a critical lifeline today. However, many safeguards must automatically get to enhance this latest system of your practice.

First of all, choosing the best eLearning tools is important. There has to be strict rules in position for distance education. Concentrating on data protection and knowledge security should be designed a priority. The learners, teachers, and fogeys too should be provided support on making use of digital tools appropriately. It’s also essential to think about the psychosocial challenges before delivering lectures to ensure that better engagement could be ensured. Also, measures should be taken for monitoring students’ learning process.

Biz4Solutions’s Contribution by Creating Advanced eLearning Solutions

COVID-19 pandemic has brought to some sudden mass movement of your practice seekers to remote learning. In cases like this, technologies have offered is the greatest weapon to combat this war. And as being a world-class eLearning application development company, Biz4Solutions too makes its contribution.

We’ve been designing exemplary web and mobile phone applications for many educational organizations in addition to corporate entities searching for robust eLearning tools. We’ve vast experience of architecting advanced eLearning solutions for that distinctive requirements of diverse clients. We’ve already produced innovative apps and software programs using that the Corporates/Tutors/Trainers/Teachers delivers the lectures online in addition to add online learning classes for the learners. We incorporate learner-focussed design and top-grade peace of mind in our apps.

In case your educational institute or corporate organization really wants to sustain in the current unparalleled scenario of lockdown, beat your competition, and supply a seamless digital chance to learn for your students or professionals correspondingly, make contact with us.

Final Words

The shift and transformation within the education sector might be not going anywhere soon for lengthy. Though an online experience cannot switch the live-chance to learn, it is the necessity of the hour. So, to make it successful, concerted efforts are necessary through the tutors, the scholars, as well as parents. Furthermore , technological advancements are continuously presenting sleek solutions to make the training process better day-by-day.


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